installation & services

DKBPOS's specialist Network Installers can perform the following hardware

Data cabinet & PDU installation

Cat5 & Cat6a data centre network cabling

Copper cable locating

Server & telecommunications racking

Network cable management systems

data cable install

when i need this service?
When you connect playstation to your home internet connection.
When you extend your home or samll office LAN.
When you install VoIP handsets around home.
When you need NBN installation and relocation for phone and modem.

wifi point install

how wifi access point works?

Common configuration for wireless access points is simply to extend your current network to all the hard-to-reach places and operate within the same SSID where possible. In order to extend a network with your WIFI access point, you’ll need a top brand access point which you can generally be relatively safe from suppliers such as from D-LINK, RUCKUS, Ubiquiti, TP-LINK & CISCO. If you’re wanting the latest WIFI access point reviews just ask our staff members for the best solution for your application.

internet connection repairs

what is the process?
Check internet lead-in location for SYNC & Correct levels
I.D internal cabling issues between NBN or Telstra boundary point & wall plate(s)
Identify any possible causes that might require repair behind wallplate or sockets
Isolate and check internet's internal cabling connecting your devices
Test & confirm any issues and advise you (then issue a customer report)

Internet types we can fix


phone line repair

when i need this service?
When your phone line simply not working but internet seems ok.
When your phone line crackling, buzzing.